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Licensed Telehealth Provider in Illinois, Colorado and Florida

Telehealth provides convenience of a session in the privacy of your home, office or other setting, no transportation hassles – public transportation, obtaining cabs, buses, or parking costs, no childcare, elder care or other family issues to make arrangements for, and telehealth provides services for people with mobility issues or those who live in rural areas and don’t have access to a psychologist.

Your privacy, confidentially and comfort are my top priority

I have a special telehealth zoom-based platform that is HIPAA compliant and encrypted. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Being HIPAA compliant means the platform I use meets their requirements for their Privacy Rules. Encryption is the process of converting information to prevent anyone other than yourself from viewing or reading it.

So, I can send you encrypted forms that you can fill out directly on my encrypted HIPAA compliant platform, electronically sign and return them – privately and confidentially. NO hassle of printing out forms, signing them then having to go to the post office, buying postage and mailing them back.

Other things to know…

  • You need to use a webcam (the camera on your computer, laptop, tablet) or smartphone during the session.
  • It is important to be in a quiet, private space that is free of distractions (including cell phone or other devices) during the session.
  • It is important to use a secure Internet connection rather than public/free Wi-Fi.
  • You should confirm with your insurance company that the video sessions would be reimbursed; if they are not reimbursed, you are responsible for full payment.
  • For more information on Florida Telehealth visit HTTPS://flhealthsource.gov/telehealth/
  • Florida Registration number TPPY1811